True NAS Scale – Setting up a Bridge Network for VM’s

Final Result: Motherboard Network Interface ‘enp9s0‘ is now bridged to ‘br0‘ which is then connected to the home network. Add the “br0” interface to your Windows/Linux VM’s to be able to see SMB Shares etc.. Written for TrueNAS-SCALE-22.12.2 The Easy Way: (Which didn’t work for me at least) Official Guide: Another Guide from the … [Read more…]

AllOutCoin – Open Source Crypto Exchange Tracker

Issue: Coin Tracking Software Platforms with no privacy. Calling home too often and selling your financial data making users a potential target. Goal: Decentralized (Open-Source) Proof of Concept for a Coin / Exchange Tracker. Which will allow anyone to add new exchanges / platforms. Source Code:¬† Proof of Concept: AllOutCoin – Modular Xamarin C# App … [Read more…]

Fixing: Xamarin with .Net Standard in Visual Studio 2017 v.15.3

Personal Blog: Not representative of Microsoft. By modifying the .CSProject Profile you will be able to have your .NET Standard Library work as intended with Xamarin! Error: Package Xamarin.Forms is not compatible with netstandard1.4 (.NETStandard,Version=v1.4). Package Xamarin.Forms supports:¬† Original Post: Link Came across the post after having issues with my project.json file not … [Read more…]

Mono Sockets – Connect() ‘ing Forever

In .NET 4.5 on Windows, this code will work as expected with the Connect() Function Timing out if it takes too long. However, on Mono 4.2.1 it doesn’t follow the same logic and will continue to wait for the Connect(), even if you set a Timeout. To fix this use the ASYNC BeginConnect Method, and … [Read more…]

Whiskey Tin PC – Project

View the Project Here: I had free time over break so decided to see how If I could make a HTPC for under $400 in something that looks interesting. Edit: (4/19/2016) This was before Chromecast and Most Smart TV’s so a Home Theater PC was more Viable. I would suggest to buy something for … [Read more…]