True NAS Scale – Setting up a Bridge Network for VM’s

Final Result: Motherboard Network Interface ‘enp9s0‘ is now bridged to ‘br0‘ which is then connected to the home network. Add the “br0” interface to your Windows/Linux VM’s to be able to see SMB Shares etc.. Written for TrueNAS-SCALE-22.12.2 The Easy Way: (Which didn’t work for me at least) Official Guide: Another Guide from the … [Read more…]

AllOutCoin – Open Source Crypto Exchange Tracker

Issue: Coin Tracking Software Platforms with no privacy. Calling home too often and selling your financial data making users a potential target. Goal: Decentralized (Open-Source) Proof of Concept for a Coin / Exchange Tracker. Which will allow anyone to add new exchanges / platforms. Source Code:¬† Proof of Concept: AllOutCoin – Modular Xamarin C# App … [Read more…]